Among the Middle east countries, one sparkling gem is the country of Oman. Its picturesque beaches and caves are a strong crowd-puller. The country proudly welcomes millions of tourists every year. All of them rave about the warm hospitality and exotic Oman Safari Tours they enjoyed. However, one beautiful aspect of Oman that is not so popularised is the forts that adorn its landscape. Not many people are aware that Oman is home to some of the best architectural marvels in that area. Here we will take you on a journey to some of Oman’s most majestic forts.

Nizwa Fort

Constructed in the 9th century, this ancient oman fort is the only one with a cylindrical tower. When there, don’t forget to have a look at their marvelous artifacts. This includes the various defense mechanisms that the fort was equipped with. Some interesting features you must not miss are the seven wells, multiple prisons, and huge grounds.

Adjacent to the fort is the Nizwa Souq, which is your market center in simple terms. The entire souq is divided into separate segments and is totally cut off from the rest of the city.

Join us on a journey through the historic city of Nizwa through this video: Nizwa Fort and Souq – Day 5 | Oman Day Trips | Oman Safari Tours 

Bahla Fort

One of the oldest forts of Oman, it stuns with its massive size and defense mechanisms used. Declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site, the fort has walls and towers constructed on a sandstone base. Multiple rulers took over the fort and kept on adding to its features.

The entire Bahla Fort is divided into three areas. One is the Al Qasabah which is the oldest, the second Bait-Al-Hadith, constructed in the 1600s; the third is Bait-Al-Jabal which means Mountain house and was constructed in the 1700s.

Muttrah Fort

The Muttrah Fort is constructed on the top of a mountain, but its view is simply breathtaking. Dating back to the 16th century, this is also one of the oldest oman fort in Muttrah. Initially, the fort was constructed to stop any invasions from the Mountain area. Oman tour operators ensure that a visit to the fort is added to your list. With a huge visitor count, the fort is a perfect example of a place withstanding the forces of time to protect its city.

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Jabreen Fort

The Jabreen Fort was constructed in 1873 and is probably the most well-kept fort here. Over the years, the fort remained an important center for education and fighting. The defense is three storied and has two towers along with numerous beautifully designed rooms and halls. The interiors of the fort are very artfully done. In fact, the fort interiors reflect the charm of ancient Oman with colorful calligraphy and design adorning the walls.

Ar Rustaq Fort

The Ar Rustaq fort is located at a distance of two hours from Muscat. Its picturesque architecture will transport you to the era gone by. The fort was constructed in pre-Islamic times. It has four towers, gorgeous architectural features, and a mosque. There is wood used in the construction, and the carving designs are a pleasure to watch.

An ancient falaj flows beneath the fort, whereas the tombs of Imam Nasir and his family are a part of the central courtyard. Surrounded by lush date trees, wadis, and splendid historical sites, make this a place you should not miss on your Muscat trip.

Mirani and Al Jalali Fort

Both the Mirani and Al Jalali forts are rather ancient and are now closed for the public’s viewing. However, you can have a look at their marvelous structure from the outside. Constructed by the Portuguese, Mirani and Al Jalali Fort were actually defense fortresses. The best time to view them is in the evening when the area offers splendid sights.

Fort of Sohar

The Fort of Sohar is around 200 kilometers north of Muscat and is popular because of the history of Sohar City. The place has archeological history associated with it which dates its origins to the 14th century. A major port city Sohar was a significant trading point for countries like China and India etc. Sohar Fort has freshwater wells and is enclosed by a wall.

In 1643 the fort was conquered by Imam Nasir Bin Murshid, who promptly banished the Portuguese from that area. Post that also, the fortress witnessed many wars, sieges, and battles. At present, the fort has been closed for renovations, but once it opens, people can delve into its magical history.

Al Hazm Castle

The Al Hazm castle is located 15 minutes from the Ar Rustaq fort. Its cannon galleries, gates, and dungeons are a sight to behold. Imam Sultan Bin Saif ordered the construction of this oman fort in 1711. Apart from the imposing features, the viewers are left spellbound by the massive wooden gate.

Authentically carved, the gate was built in Surat and brought to Oman with great difficulties. Once inside the fort, you will be stunned by the vast dungeons, wall inscriptions, and falaj. It is said that Imam Sultan Bin Saif and his successors were later buried in the fort.

Summing Up

Oman overall is a complete dream destination. However, the forts hold the key to its mystical past. When you look for Oman packages, ensure that you incorporate some or all of them. Each one of them reflects a unique culture and heritage that the region boasts of. Not to mention the architectural history and carvings that take you back to the years gone by. Being there, you would realize that one visit is not enough to explore the intriguing past of Oman.