If you plan to explore the beauties of Oman, then you must visit each of the towns and cities in Oman. Muscat is not the only beautiful part of this country. If you have visited Muscat but not other parts of Oman, then you should spend some of your time in Nizwa. This beautiful city is famous for its ancient ruins, the fort as well as the beautiful mountain. So, it is time for your Nizwa tours with your loved ones.

Beautiful and memorable places you should experience during Nizwa Jebel Akhdar Tour:

  1. Nizwa Grand Mall

The weather in Nizwa is actually hot and if you wish to cool down, just go to the shopping mall in the city center. There you will get to see more than 65 retail outlets and visit those outlets to experience something new. Before you enter the mall, remember to take a few snapshots of the beautiful mall. The architecture of this mall is magnificent and very rare.

Also, children can also have fun here because there are various areas in the mall where they can play and enjoy their time. For those who are hunting for souvenirs, this mall is worth checking out.

  1. Jebel Akhdar

The most significant attraction in the city of Nizwa, Oman, is obviously the majestic Jebel Akhdar Mountain. You should not miss the excitement of excellent scenic views from the top of the mountain during your Nizwa and Jebel Akhdar tour. You should book a day tour of Green Mountain and enjoy the beauty.

You should travel in a 4-wheeled vehicle to visit Jebel Akhdar. The alluring views of the villages below from the huge mountain will definitely take your breath away. Also, there are different villages across the Hajar Mountains, so you might take a look to learn about the daily lifestyle of those villagers. You will be happy to see that they plant different types of fruits and nuts in the surrounding area, as the moisture is perfect for agriculture.

  1. Tanuf Ruins

You may have already known that historic and ancient ruins are very common in Oman. Thus, you will get to see many of those ruins in Nizwa as well. The ruins are mainly located between two famous cities, Nizwa and Bahla. However, it is not just an ordinary ruin because the entire place is actually a beautiful village. Many people used to stay there; however, after the Jebel Akhdar Wars in the 1950s, the entire village was completely destroyed. Later, it was abandoned by the villagers.

Also, you will be thrilled to know that this village is also well-known for its mineral water bottling plant that is located near the ruins. So, if you visit this place, you should definitely bring your camera. You should snap several pictures while visiting the historical ruins. Moreover, you can see excellent views of the majestic mountain from here.

  1. Oman Trekking Guides

If you wish to trek or enjoy a trekking tour, then you need to book your trekking tour through Oman Trekking Guides. In this tour, you can enjoy different activities. Among them are cannoning, rock climbing, and also swimming. Select the guides you prefer if those are available.

There are even options for Western or local guides. Also, you can even choose French or English-speaking professional guides if required. If you need to enjoy these facilities, remember to book in advance. For more details, you may refer to the website.

  1. Birkat Al Mouz Ruins

Another famous ruin you should check during your Nizwa and Jebel Akhdar Tour is Birkat Al Mouz Ruins. Besides the ruins, the nearby historical buildings are also worth experiencing. Though it is actually an ancient village, some locals are living there even now. Also, the longest Falaj system in the country is situated there. In the surrounding areas, you will get to see the date and banana plantations.

  1. Desert Camels Adventure

Exploring the desert while riding on a camel is a must for every visitor in Nizwa. Just enjoy an exciting trip to the vast and beautiful desert land with your loved ones. In order to experience nomads living in this city, you can book “The Best of Oman” tour as well. As with this tour, you will get to explore more of the city of Nizwa, so just don’t miss this opportunity.

You can even bring your kids along because they will have a lot of fun with the camels and remember this trip for many years.

  1. Al Masharef Turkish

If you are a kebab lover, then you must go to Al Masharef Turkish Restaurant. The half-roast chicken served there is delicious, and you can have some fresh juices there as well. Just come early if you plan to dine in this restaurant, as this place is usually full of diners due to its amazing popularity.

Therefore, if you plan to visit Oman and have some memorable experiences, you should include Nizwa and Jebel Akhdar Tour within your Oman tour.