The country Oman, located in the Middle East, is a fantastic destination that is best known for its centuries-old desert fortresses, warm hospitality, beautiful beaches, wadis, and also breathtaking natural scenery. 

Unfortunately, many people think that Oman is quite an expensive place to travel to, and hence, they miss all the natural beauties. However, just by following a few tips and affordable Oman tour packages, you can easily enjoy those beauties of Oman within your budget. So, let us discuss ten important tips that will help you to explore this beautiful country and its treasures on a budget.

Tips for traveling to Oman on a budget

  • Look for low-cost flights

While planning your Oman trip, you must check a flight comparison website to compare the rates of various flights. With these sites, you can choose your traveling day and flight according to your budget.

  • You may think about traveling out of season

The peak season for visiting this beautiful country is between the months of October and April. The reason is the temperature here may be really hot during the months of summer, so you should travel to Oman in winter, autumn, or spring if possible. 

However, no matter what time you choose to explore Oman, you won’t meet with big crowds of tourists, as Oman is still not a very common travel destination. However, just like any other country, prices in Oman also will be a lot higher in peak season than at any other time. So, if you can avoid the peak season, you can be able to save almost 50% on your flights, accommodation, and car rentals.

  • Try to find reasonable tour operator

Availing tour operators Oman can help you in exploring the country with ease. Choose the best tour package which include desert safari Oman etc, meet and interact with the local people and explore some new things on a budget

  • Consider the entrance fees to historical sites

One of the most popular places to visit in Oman is the Nizwa fort. However, its entrance fee is really expensive, which is 5 OMR. So, to finish your tour on a budget, you must create a small note of these entrance fees and how much you can afford, and know that you don’t have to pay entry fees every place you go.

  • Rent a salon car instead of a large SUV

The perfect way to get around this fantastic country is to rent a car. This is true both visiting Muscat and some other popular cities of Oman, along with inter-city travel. 

Public transport around Muscat does not cover all the important parts of the city and also runs infrequently. So, you should hire an affordable saloon car instead of an expensive SUV to explore all important corners of Oman on a budget.

  • You may take buses between famous cities

If you want to visit only the popular cities in Oman, then you can just choose public transport. Though infrequent, a few buses run between Muscat and Nizwa and also between Salalah and Sur. Also, the bus tickets are very cheap, and all buses are air-conditioned.

  • You may eat out in Oman

Eating out in Oman is not very expensive. A lot of cafes and restaurants in Oman are operated and owned by migrant workers from the Indian subcontinent to Oman’s neighbor Yemen. There you can get small snacks and sandwiches for a couple of dollars. Moreover, you can taste simple Arabic dishes or even Indian curries for just 5 or 6 dollars. However, you must avoid eating out in Muttrah, as restaurants here are really expensive.

  • You can look for home-stays to save money

Previously accommodation in Oman was limited to luxury resorts and hotels. However, today this country is increasing its accommodation options which include Airbnb and home-stays. As the cost of renting rooms in Oman can be a little expensive, you can think about home-stay as a very good accommodation in Oman. In this way, you can spend your days in Oman both comfortably and on a budget.

  • Avoid currency conversion

Instead of changing your local currency, you must withdraw money from the local ATMs in Oman. Also, if you need to visit a currency exchange in this country, remember to avoid places like exchange offices in hotels, airports, etc., as they offer some terrible rates.

  • Shop at souks and local marketplaces, and don’t forget to haggle

Browsing and shopping must be done in the local marketplaces and souks in Oman. Also, you must haggle. Never accept the first price quoted in the shops of Oman, as it is always inflated. 

So, to enjoy your Oman visit on a budget, you must remember and follow these ten vital tips, along with consulting a reliable tour operator in Oman.