The middle east is a treasure to delve into. If you plan to go to Oman or Muscat, you should be prepared to get spoilt. There are multiple experiences that would make your entire trip pleasurable. Just sightseeing is not enough to get the feel of Muscat. You must explore the place in depth, so you get to have an unforgettable journey. Here are some simple tips that would help in making your Muscat trip memorable.

Diving, Cruising, Snorkelling

Muscat is a port city, so there are some exotic cruise ships that depart from there. You can explore Muscat cruises as they offer a full-fledged view of what the city is all about. There are sunset cruises which start at 04:30 and last for some hours. Bindar Jissah and Bindar Khayran are some of the ports which you could explore.

Oman’s marine life also makes for exciting viewing. You can get a glimpse of whale sharks and tiny nudibranchs. The snorkeling operators offer trips that show you the Coral gardens of Bindar Jissah, Fahal Island, and Bindar Khayran.

Nightlife and Clubbing

Muscat definitely has more pubs, clubs, and restaurants than any other city in Oman. You will find three kinds of outlets here.

They are the high-standard swanky bars, downmarket English-style pubs, and live music bars. You can, however, enjoy coffee at shops near Muttrah Souk.

The nightlife in Muscat may not seem very happening to you. There are only two significant activities that are prioritized. One is driving at a fast speed on Sultan Qaboos street. The second is shopping at the Lulu hypermarket for some late-night deals.


Some of the clubs offer live music events that are truly enjoyable. If you want to explore Excursion at Oman in totality, you can go for Copacabana and Rock Bottom Café. These are two outlets which have the dancing permit. Apart from that, the Oman authorities do not approve of discos and dancing.

Some famous International stars have often passed through Muscat. During such times, the gardens at the Intercontinental hotel are converted into a concert arena. There is also the Royal Opera House that boasts of offering cultural events that would up the entertainment quotient.


Muscat has some fantastic food styles that you would surely relish. There are many upmarket restaurants; however, they are primarily associated with high-profile hotels. At Ruwi, you can explore cheap curry houses, and Muttrah has the most captivating Arabian Shawarma cafes.

For the original Omani food, you could visit places like Bin Ateeq, Kargeen, and Ubhar. There is also exotic seafood that you can have a taste of. Muscat also has restaurants with Indian, Thai, and Chinese joints and some Iranian and Moroccan ones too.


For shopping, your one-stop location in Muscat is Muttrah Souk. There are other places also that you could try out. Another area worth mentioning is the commercial area of Central Qurum. There you will find some exciting yet old-fashioned malls.

These shops offer a variety of products in jewelry, arts and crafts, perfumes, etc. However, the shops have strange opening and closing times. Find out about the same before you venture out.

Common places you must visit

After all, the information here are some common places that you should visit when in Muscat.

  • Grand Mosque- Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque is a huge mosque covering an area of 416,000 square meters. Around 8000 people fit inside the mosque, and along with the courtyard, the number rises to 12000.
  • Wadi Bani Khalid- This is probably the most popular wadi in the entire Oman. It is known for the huge size pools of green water that are covered by huge palm trees. There is a constant flow of water in the Wadi throughout the year.
  • Yiti Beach- This is located 28 km from the City center. The place is famous as a camping site and is pretty secluded. With beautiful sand and clear waters, the beach gets lots of visitors for fishing, picnics, swimming, etc.
  • Bayt Al Zubair- Located in Old Muscat city is a private museum Bayt Al Zubair. It showcases ruins and relics of Oman’s historical past. The door to this museum was opened to ordinary people only in 1998. It was funded by the Zubair family and includes the display of weapons, household items, and Khanjars.

Summing up

Muscat is a visitor's delight as it has a lot to offer. You can have a go at any of the above activities; just plan your schedule in advance. For instance, to enjoy Muscat Shore Excursions, you will have to research and book everything. Doing that would give you the opportunity to enjoy the entire experience behind such unique tours. Only associate with reputed Cruise and shore excursion providers to avoid any problems during the activity.