Oman is blessed with golden sand, a beautiful coastline, and pristine mountains. One view of this Middle East country rejuvenates you to come back for more. Not only that, Oman is surrounded by a collection of Islands that contribute to its diversity. Book Muscat to Masirah travels in advance to have a fun-filled time at these exotic islands.

Masirah Island in Oman is located 10 km from the mainland. Located on the east coast, reaching Masirah Island is possible only by a short Masirah Island ferry ride. Let us tell you how you can explore Masirah Island and enjoy its beauty to the fullest.

Turtle watching

The place is home to 5 different species of Turtles. It has the largest gathering of Loggerhead turtles. The best time to see the turtles here is in July-September. You can snorkel to see the beauty of these creatures. Most turtles can be seen at night as they venture out when humans leave.

Kite Surfing

The Island is suitable for kite surfing due to the wind conditions. It sees extreme crowds from May-August. The temperature on the Island stays between 25-38 degrees. This is a relatively low temperature as compared to the mainland. You can find coaching schools for kite surfing that gets a decent number of students.

Hiking to Jabal Madrub

The height of the mountain is barely 274 meters, and even kids can visit. It takes 30 minutes to reach the top. You get breathtaking views of the island from the top. There is an operational real local military base located there. Also, a unique observational platform from where you can see some buildings.

Gravesite at Safaiq

There is a 300-year-old gravesite that attracts many tourists. It comprises unique tombstones, and each tombstone has a beautiful design. The tombstones are on top of a hill and have intricate headstones. If there are two rocks it means the grave is for a man, and three rocks imply the grave is for a woman.

Visit Hilf

This village is in the northern part of Masirah and has the  Royal Oman Air force base. Here you can get to see the working of a fish factory. It is considered a pitstop while going to Masirah. The village has all eateries and facilities as well.

Birds watching

The perfect place for nature lovers to explore the avian world. It gets many migratory birds from the Arabian Peninsula, India, Europe, and Serbia. You can have a look at herons, flamingos, gulls, barn swallows, etc. There are plenty of humpback whales at Masirah. However, there is no way you can get boat rides to see them.


This is another activity that is part of the Masirah Island Tour package. October-March is the peak season, so choose that time. A large number of boats are seen on the Masirah coast. Have a meal at restaurants that cook scrumptious fish.

Visit the Wildlife Museum

The museum is located in the city of Marsais. It is dedicated to the local flora and fauna. The Museum is home to four species of rare turtles. Now gaze at 300 species of birds found in the area. Get enthralled by the unique collection of sea shells found there.

The textile industry business 

Masirah Island has a thriving textile business. You can have a look at the multiple textile factories on the island. The Local textiles are of very premium quality. The costs are cheap, so buy stuff as a souvenir. You will find many shops selling colorful textiles at reasonable prices.

Learn Diving

These are just the right waters to learn diving. You can get a diving license for the kids. The Diving license allows the kids to dive in shallow water. Enjoy stunning views of the underwater creatures.

Go Snorkelling

You should try snorkeling on the West coast of the Island. Beaches are well-equipped to provide an exhilarating experience. It has little bays where the kids can swim in shallow waters. There are multiple equipment rentals to make your time enjoyable.

A walk around the city center

Here you can gaze at the beautiful mosques located. The ancient central square gives old-times vibes. Go to the museum of Fish processing to understand local life. It has a separate hall that displays glimpses of local life and traditions. Visit the school of non-migrating humpback whales for some unique views. Get prepared to see loads of camels moving around freely.

Relish the food and drinks 

The place is home to all kinds of cuisines. Have a sip of local khawa, a coffee with a cardamom taste. Enjoy shahi tea with various combinations. Bread or khubz is used as a dessert or gravy spoon. Also, Taste different variations of bread like Arabic Khubz lebnani. Try Soup or Sakhana made from wheat, melissa, figs, and milk.


There are plenty of secluded lagoons to enjoy a night of camping. The temperatures in Masirah are pretty moderate. There are Lots of scenic locations, making it ideal for camping. Get enough provisions to last the duration of a camping trip. Except for the military and naval base areas, you can camp anywhere. You might just land up seeing the bones of a whale shark in front of people’s homes.